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Thousands of homeowners suffer each year from foreclosure. We offer FREE help and advice to assess your own personal situation to give you the best options to AVOID foreclosure.

We specialize in helping homeowners AVOID foreclosure with our confidential analysis at no risk to you. We understand there are many reasons why homeowners sometimes find they are unable to pay their mortgages and every situation is unique.

Death, divorce, additional medical expenses, job loss, it all starts with some kind of financial hardship that can add stress on top of an already difficult situation. Many homeowners lose their homes to foreclosure because they weren’t educated about their OPTIONS.

We Empower, Educate & Restore Homeowners

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Here at B Quest Realty, we sought out to specialize in an all-round service for homeowners who need help with their home mortgage challenges. We understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be when faced with a financial crisis. Our team aims to take the weight from your shoulders en-route to financial stability. Our Free service offers mortgage assistance that will be tailored to your unique situation. Our goal is to educate you with your options and empower you, to tackle your challenges head-on, and create the right action plan to work through your financial hardship.


Our aim is to educate homeowners to avoid the pitfalls of foreclosure and the lasting effects it can cause. Our team operates from a space of empathy and has dedicated staff members with some of them having faced similar challenges to what you are experiencing. We understand it can be incredibly frustrating to be behind on your mortgage payments. Often people find themselves in “analysis paralysis mode”, where we spend too much time Trying to figure things out, but do nothing to resolve the problem... We don’t want you to expand your hardship, our team is here to guide you to get relief by holding your hand assisting to act quickly where sometimes is the only way. We are looking to empower you to make important decisions that you may have been struggling to make. Once you step on a path of action you will start to see the options available to you. The faster you act, the faster we can get you moving on your Quest towards solving your financial situation.


We are proven and professional homeowner advocates who put your interests as our number one priority, Here at B Quest we have assisted hundreds of homeowners helping them avoid foreclosure by exploring all the possible Options available to them. We understand how challenging and time-consuming it can be to work with lenders during the foreclosure process. But after everything is said and done, our Quest is to leave you in the best position possible. We take pride in helping homeowners to start again after their financial hardship. With a fresh start, you have the opportunity to create a strong foundation towards financial stability, to create new healthy habits, and to start a new journey. Whether we help you keep your house, or help you sell it, a new chapter in your life is about to begin.


Expert Guidance, Every Step of the Way


Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments or facing foreclosure often don’t realize the options available to them. B Quest’s Pre-foreclosure team is designed exactly for this purpose. By scheduling an appointment with us, you will be assigned a personal representative from our foreclosure team who will listen to your needs and work out a plan specific to your situation. We will help you understand the foreclosure process and escort you through working with your lender. Our team has years of experience negotiating with different lenders and are here to serve you. Families who have worked with us have enjoyed a personal and transparent service and succeeded in avoiding foreclosure on their way to a fresh start, putting their financial hardship behind them.


Our Foreclosure team representatives have extensive knowledge of both lenders and other programs. We realize not everyone fits into the same mold and we will work with you to find the right options specifically for your needs. Our “Reality Check” will help you to analyze your income and expenses to apply for the right loan modification or program.


Once you have met with your personal representative and reviewed your options, you will now be educated and equipped to take action. Our team will escort you through the process and provide you with resources to help you avoid foreclosure. Taking action jump starts you on the road to achieving financial stability. Our team has been successful in helping homeowners get approval on their loan modifications. The purpose of our reality check is to make sure a loan modification financially works for you and your circumstances. If your lender declines your modification, our team will work with you to explore all your options to avoid foreclosure.

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