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Foreclosure prevention starts by taking action and working on the steps necessary for your situation. A loan modification can often help to avoid foreclosure and reduce your mortgage payments during a time of financial hardship. There are several programs to assist homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure and otherwise struggling with their mortgage payments.

A loan modification may provide options you are not aware of from reducing your monthly payments, the Principal Reduction Program, Second Lien Modification, and other Refinancing Programs.

During your loan modification process, your lender normally postpones your sale date. Depending on the stage you are in within the foreclosure process could affect your lender’s decision, therefore the sooner you start to work with your lender, the more chance you have to prevent foreclosure.

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If you owe more on your house than its current value, a Short-Sale with your lender will provide you with peace of mind, additional time to stay in the property and allow you to be released from your loan and into something more affordable. Many lenders also help with a relocation allowance payable to you at the time your Short-Sale closes. A Short-Sale is provided at no cost to you with all closing and agent expenses paid for by your lender. Many government programs providing relocation allowance no longer exist, however some lenders choose to pay homeowners between $3,000-$10,000 to help with their relocation.

If you owe less on your mortgage than its current value, avoiding foreclosure can help you to recover equity tied up in your home that will be lost if your lender sells your home at auction. By working with our team, the process can be managed to allow you to stay longer in the property giving you important time to plan for relocation.

Depending on your personal situation and the condition of your house, it may make sense to list your property with an agent or work directly with a cash buyer. Whichever decision is best for you can be explored, but your lender does not have to wait for you to do this and time is of the essence. While selling your house, there is still work to be done to make sure your lender does not move forward with the foreclosure sale date and our BQuest specialists are experts in this area.

Avoiding foreclosure helps your credit and your ability to rebuy in the future.

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Do you have equity locked up in your house?

Our real estate team can:

• Catch up on any back payment arrears or default amount owed.
• Carry out major or cosmetic repairs to improve your property.
• Manage all aspects of marketing your house to sell for Top Dollar.
• Ensure you receive the best offer possible, Offer cash settlements to cash out quickly.

Finding the right Broker or Real Estate Agent who is dedicated and experienced to help and guide you through your Quest in selling your home, who will comprehensively walk you through the process which isn’t easy is very important.

Here at B Quest we have a proven track record in helping homeowners in the sale of their home. No matter your situation we have experts quidding you from beginning to end. Being in the situation of foreclosure, having Equity, being in a Short Sale, or having a sheriff Sale date, TIME is of the essence. Listing your home is part of the process showing the bank you are taking steps with professionals to get the highest offer possible for us to proceed in getting you out of your situation.

Do you owe more than your house is worth?

• Most homeowners are eligible to buy another home much sooner compared to those who lose their homes to foreclosure.
• Your credit suffers less damage than if your home goes to foreclosure.
• Gain up to 3-4 months extra time on your property without making payments.
• You may qualify for a cash incentive or a relocation allowance from your lender.


Relocation Assistance

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We believe working with a homeowner to sell their house should also include helping them find their next accommodation.

After the foreclosure process, you may face credit challenges for purchasing and even renting. We will help you explore all your options from budget planning and the right decisions for repairing your credit, then help you find the right residence in the right area, at an affordable price for you.

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